an embedded SD/SDIO stack/driver framework



SDIOWorx is an OS independent embedded SD/SDIO Stack architecture framework, which enables software designers to develop and integrate SDIO support in their reference designs and end-products.

SDIOWorx comes complete with driver support for SDIO Host controllers and client cards/devices conforming to SD specification 1.10. The software components in the embedded SDIOWorx framework support SD/MMC/SDHC Storage and SDIO controllers/peripherals in an embedded device.

The SDIOWorx package includes: the SDIO Host Controller Driver, SDIO Stack, SD/MMC/SDHC/eMMC Storage Drivers and an optional SDIO-WiFi driver for supported WLAN chipsets/cards/modules.

SDIOWorx includes Host Controller Driver support for several popular SoC platforms from Marvell, Freescale, Samsung, Texas Instruments, Conexant and Atmel, apart from standards based SD Host controllers.

SDIOWorx is supported on Linux, Nucleus Plus RTOS, ThreadX RTOS, uITRON OS, QNX and FreeRTOS platforms.

silex-India provides an optional WiFi driver integrated with SDIOWorx on different OS platforms. Below is the list of supported WiFi chipsets

  • QualcommAtheros' AR6003/AR6103/AR6233 802.11a/b/g/n chipsets
  • QualcommAtheros' AR6002 802.11b/g chipset
  • Marvell Semiconductor's 88W8787 802.11a/b/g/n chipset
  • Marvell Semiconductor's 88W8782 802.11 b/g/n chipset
  • Marvell Semconductor's 88W8686 802.11b/g chipset

Benefits to Designers

  1. Savings on investment required for building an SD/SDIO Bus Driver from ground-up
  2. Enables addition of SD/SDIO card support to embedded devices in with minimal effort and time
  3. Reduces Time-to-Market for the Host Controller silicon vendors and the Peripheral Card vendors
  4. Production ready SDIO-WiFi drivers for QualcommAtheros and Marvell 802.11a/b/g/n chipsets, reduce engineering lead-time.