WiFi Software Suite

embWiSe offers production ready 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi Software Suite for the Mobile, CE, Automotive, Industrial Control and other handheld / connected device designs.

WiFi Software Suite Specification

  • 802.11a/b/g/n Infrastructure and Ad-Hoc (IBSS) network mode (SoftAP supported on specific chipsets and platforms)
  • 64 and 128 bit WEP Key Encryption for Infrastructure and Ad-Hoc mode
  • IEEE Power Save mode
  • Rate Adaptation
  • Deep Sleep Support
  • Transmit Power Control
  • WEP64 and 128 bit encryption
  • WPA-TKIP,WPA/PSK, AES, WPA2-PSK,802.1x authentications with EAP-TLS/PEAP
  • APIs to configure the following WLAN parameters:
    1. Get/Set extended Service Set ID (ESSID)
    2. Set 64 and 128 bit Encryption Key (with Key On/Off functionality)
    3. Get/Set Operating Mode (Ad-Hoc or Infrastructure)
    4. Get/Set Desired Frequency for Ad-Hoc network starting
    5. Site Survey - Network Scanning and Selection
    6. Get Link Quality/ Noise Level
    7. Set Desired Data Rate / Auto rate selection
    8. Transmit Power Control (including radio On/Off)
    9. Operating Band Selection (802.11 a/b/g/turbo/super-g – as applicable)
    10. Get current BSSID / Set desired BSSID
    11. Get/Set Thresholds (RTS/CTS and Fragmentation)
    12. WEP 64 and 128 bit encryption
  • WiFi Protected Set-up (WPS 1.0 and WPS 2.0) – Pin entry and Push Button modes
  • WiFiDirect P2P

Supported WiFi chipsets

  • QualcommAtheros' AR6003, AR6103, AR6233, AR6004 and AR6005 802.11n chipsets (SDIO and SPI interfaces)
  • Marvell 88W8787/88W8786/88W8782 802.11n chipsets (SDIO interface)

Supported Operating Systems

Linux, Android, ThreadX RTOS, Nucleus Plus, uITRON, uC/OS-II, QNX and FreeRTOS

Note :

  • embWiSe is an Authorized Design Center (AADC) of QualcommAtheros Inc., Leveraging the AADC status, embWiSe licenses the WiFi Software Suite for QualcommAtheros' AR6003 WLAN chipset family, including the test tools for WiFi certification,in Binary or in Source Code. embWiSe can also provide AR6K3 reference designs, development boards, chipsets, etc.,
  • Please check with us on the licensing mechanism for support on Marvell WLAN chipsets.
  • Please check with us on the availability of specific OS/SoC platform support

embWiSe has successfully delivered the WiFi Software Suite to several customers for different device designs on various OS and Processor platforms, WLAN chipsets and Bus Interfaces.Leveraging its WLAN expertise, embWiSe can provide custom WiFi Software Suite tailor-made for customers' requirements.

embWiSe also provides an embedded WLAN +BT module with SDIO interface support bundled with the WiFi Software Suite. Thus embWiSe is better placed to provide a one-stop WiFi hardware and software solution to customers.