WiFi Software Suite

silex-India offers production ready 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi Software Suite for the Mobile, CE, Automotive, Industrial Control and other handheld / connected device designs.

WiFi Software Suite Specification

  • 802.11a/b/g/n Infrastructure and Ad-Hoc (IBSS) network mode (SoftAP supported on specific chipsets and platforms)
  • 64 and 128 bit WEP Key Encryption for Infrastructure and Ad-Hoc mode
  • IEEE Power Save mode
  • Rate Adaptation
  • Deep Sleep Support
  • Transmit Power Control
  • WEP64 and 128 bit encryption
  • WPA-TKIP,WPA/PSK, AES, WPA2-PSK,802.1x authentications with EAP-TLS/PEAP
  • APIs to configure the following WLAN parameters:
    1. Get/Set extended Service Set ID (ESSID)
    2. Set 64 and 128 bit Encryption Key (with Key On/Off functionality)
    3. Get/Set Operating Mode (Ad-Hoc or Infrastructure)
    4. Get/Set Desired Frequency for Ad-Hoc network starting
    5. Site Survey - Network Scanning and Selection
    6. Get Link Quality/ Noise Level
    7. Set Desired Data Rate / Auto rate selection
    8. Transmit Power Control (including radio On/Off)
    9. Operating Band Selection (802.11 a/b/g/turbo/super-g – as applicable)
    10. Get current BSSID / Set desired BSSID
    11. Get/Set Thresholds (RTS/CTS and Fragmentation)
    12. WEP 64 and 128 bit encryption
  • WiFi Protected Set-up (WPS 1.0 and WPS 2.0) – Pin entry and Push Button modes
  • WiFiDirect P2P

Supported WiFi chipsets

  • QualcommAtheros' AR6003, AR6103, AR6233, AR6004 and AR6005 802.11n chipsets (SDIO and SPI interfaces)
  • Marvell 88W8787/88W8786/88W8782 802.11n chipsets (SDIO interface)

Supported Operating Systems

Linux, Android, ThreadX RTOS, Nucleus Plus, uITRON, uC/OS-II, QNX and FreeRTOS

Note :

  • silex-India is an Authorized Design Center (AADC) of QualcommAtheros Inc., Leveraging the AADC status, silex-India licenses the WiFi Software Suite for QualcommAtheros' AR6003 WLAN chipset family, including the test tools for WiFi certification,in Binary or in Source Code. silex-India can also provide AR6K3 reference designs, development boards, chipsets, etc.,
  • Please check with us on the licensing mechanism for support on Marvell WLAN chipsets.
  • Please check with us on the availability of specific OS/SoC platform support

silex-India has successfully delivered the WiFi Software Suite to several customers for different device designs on various OS and Processor platforms, WLAN chipsets and Bus Interfaces.Leveraging its WLAN expertise, silex-India can provide custom WiFi Software Suite tailor-made for customers' requirements.

silex-India also provides an embedded WLAN +BT module with SDIO interface support bundled with the WiFi Software Suite. Thus silex-India is better placed to provide a one-stop WiFi hardware and software solution to customers.