Wireless Connectivity for the IoT Market


silex-India, leveraging its strengths on the WiFi and Bluetooth technologies, will be providing the following products for the Internet of Things market – remote device monitoring, asset tracking, Data Acquisition/Industrial Control, smart grids, White goods, wearable devices,etc.,:

  • A software framework with a minimal OS for memory constrained applications
  • Low power 802.11n WiFi modules with built-in TCP/IP stack,network applications, WPS and WiFiDirect and with SPI or SDIO interfaces
  • Low Power Bluetooth 4.0 modules
  • Microcontroller Reference Designs with WiFi modules integrated

silex-India would engage with customers to provide a custom wireless connectivity hardware and software solution for  their IoT applications.

Contact silex-India for further specific details through email : info@silex-india.com